Height: 5’ 3”               Hair: Auburn    Eyes: Dark blue        Age Range: 20s – elderly


MFA Theatre Performance & Pedagogy    Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

B.A. English; Drama minor                         Howard Payne University, Brownwood, TX


Texas Flip N Move – Competitive Bidder – DIY Network

False Profits – Woman at Makeup Convention (Pilot in pre-production) – ABC Studios


Available on Audible.com:

Happy New Year, Darling (Veronica Bennett Series Volume I) by Mariana Williams

The Book of Visions by Scott Anthony Stevens

Modern Day Poe by Scott Anthony Stevens

Slot Machine Gambling: The Good – The Bad – The Ugly by CityCare.org


“No Place For a Hero” by James Aquilone – StarShipSofa podcast episode 375


Mary Poppins                  Chorus Member             Stage Right, Crighton Theatre, Conroe, TX

Rumors                             Chris Gorman                 Stage Right, Crighton Theatre, Conroe, TX

Frames                              Nurse; Flo (understudy)          Overtime Theater, San Antonio, TX

The Rainmaker                Lizzie Curry (lead)                     Garza Theatre, Post, TX

Agatha Christie Made Me Do It      Annie                          Garza Theatre, Post, TX

The Crucible                    Elizabeth Proctor (lead)             Garza Theatre, Post, TX

True West                        Mom                                              Hub Theatre Group, Lubbock, TX

The Importance of Being Earnest       Miss Prism             C.A.T.S. Playhouse, Lubbock, TX

Thespis: Athens’ Greatest Chorus Member!   Chorus Member  Texas Tech University Lab Theatre

Solve For Castrato (k)   Operator/Anne Rice/Mother   Texas Tech University Lab Theatre

The Samsoon Gambit                                      Jen              Texas Tech University Lab Theatre

John Wayne Gacy Throws a Party            Mama Gacy   Texas Tech University Lab Theatre

Tarot This, Tarot That                                Britney           Texas Tech University Lab Theatre

The Gospel According to Jesse Peg/Secretary/Chorus Boston Ave. Playhouse, Lubbock,TX

Steel Magnolias                    Ouiser Boudreaux                   Howard Payne University Theatre

The Actor’s Nightmare       Dame Ellen Terry                    Howard Payne University Theatre

The Tell-Tale Heart            Neighbor’s Wife                       Howard Payne University Theatre

Twice Upon a Time              Stupid Dwarf                           Howard Payne University Theatre


Texas Tech University: Cabin Fever: A Texas Tragicomedy; Arya (original unpublished work by a doctoral student) for MFA Thesis Project

Junior High and High School:  I Never Saw Another Butterfly, April Fish, Alice in Wonderland, Antigone, and The Yellow Boat


Taught Theatre (grades 7-12), English (9-12), & Speech (7-12) for four years in Texas public schools, directed theatre productions while teaching high school and attending graduate school, various dialects: Texan, Southern, New York, Northern, British, Cockney, Valley girl, cartoon & animal voices, good listener, ability to adapt to new situations, possess love of learning and knowledge, enjoy helping others in various capacities, possess excellent research, dramaturgical, observation, & analytical skills, excellent spelling, grammar, and communication skills.